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1. SANGAT’s Devolution Support Services

SANGAT’s main focus is to strengthen local government system and active political participation especially of women in all political tiers. SANGAT is one of the only local organizations who initiate the political education activities in the district especially for women. SANGAT facilitated Strengthening Participatory Organization (SPO) to hold people assemblies in the District during the inception period of devolution system of 2001.The organization did mobilization of women to take part in local government elections and provided pre election trainings to the candidates for their effective election campaign and also setup facilitation camps for the women candidates in all four Tehsils of the District in 2001 and 2005.  Election commission had to re-poll in more than 28 UCs due to rigging, poor law and order situation, and security problems for the polling staff in local government elections 2005. SANGAT has been coordinated CIDA funded two campaigns for women representation in local government election CCWR (2001 and 2005)as partner of Aurat foundation (AF) Lahore. SANGAT has also coordinated Supporting Democratic Electoral Process Program (SDEPP) in District Sheikhupura with CCHD Lahore. SANGAT;s Board members also impart capacity building trainings to women councilors of three tiers by WPS- UNDP (Punjab), Tehisl and District Councilors Trainings of 2-G, M-3 by DSP(Punjab), CCB Mobilization and Project Cycle management trainings from DTCE and involved in many other training programs by different organizations.

2. FarooqAbad Development Program through Good Governance

SANGAT had completed an 18 month project with the financial support of CDSP/PIF in three selected union councils of FarooqAbad. The main objective of the program was to establish model union councils that are responsive to the needs of their communities and apply modern development tools for sustainable community uplift. The project towards the end will develop 3 model union councils whose annual development plans reflect the need of their community and are in line with the functions enlisted in the Local Government Ordinance 2001. 

3. SANGAT’s Partnership with Devolution Trust for Community Empowerment (DTCE)

SANGAT have developed a good partnership with DTCE for its devolution support activities and from March 2011 to July 2011 SANGAT facilitated in successful establishment of Local Councils Associations in 91 Union Council of four Tehsils of District Sheikhupura.

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The interventions in this program of SANGAT are focused on community economic empowerment. The community economic empowerment is a process by which local communities build organizations and linkages that interconnect profitable business with their needs including skills and education, health, housing and social development. SANGAT involves the poorest of the poor to social inclusion and capacity building to fight hunger and poverty through creating employment creation options.

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