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Major Achievements of the project


Education Program


1995 to date


FarooqAbad Distrcit Sheikhupura

Every year 20 to 30 Students complete their grade 8th education from the school



Advocacy & awareness

2010 to 2012

Local Philanthropist

FarooqAbad District Sheikhupura

CNIC cards of more than 350 women were made.


Base line Survey to find out the reason of migration in Gujrat & Jehlam to England & other countries


August 2012 to December 2012

STATT Consulting Limited

District Gujrat, Jhelum

Questionnaire were filled from 360 respondents.


 Facilitation to form  Local Council Associations at Union Council Level and Training of UC delegates of Local Council Association

Mobilization, Facilitation, organization, coordination and capacity building in

August 2012 to October 2012

Devolution Trust for Community Empowerment


Local Council Association (LCA) were formed in 81 UCs of District Sheikhupura and training of 81 Ucs LCA Delegates were organized successfully


FarooqAbad Development Program through Good Governance

Good Governnace

November 2007 to  April 2009

Canadian Devolution Support Program & Punjan Initiatve Fund

FarooqAbad Distrcit Sheikhupura

Activate the UC level functions according to Local Government Act 2001 and development of UC annual Development plans with the incorporation of community needs.

Latest News

The interventions in this program of SANGAT are focused on community economic empowerment. The community economic empowerment is a process by which local communities build organizations and linkages that interconnect profitable business with their needs including skills and education, health, housing and social development. SANGAT involves the poorest of the poor to social inclusion and capacity building to fight hunger and poverty through creating employment creation options.

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